Tetra® Pro Pleco Wafers Algae Eaters Fish Food

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Key Benefits:

  • PLECO FORMULATION: Supports the nutritional needs of herbivore bottom-feeders such as Plecostomus.
  • SINKING WAFERS WITH CONCENTRATED ALGAE: Provides a complete, balanced diet for algae eaters.
  • ALL-VEGETABLE SUPPLEMENT: Easily digested vegetarian fish food that's naturally high in fiber.
  • DAILY USE: Feed only the amount that your bottom-feeding fish will consume within a few hours each day.
  • CLEAR-WATER FORMULA: Won't cloud water when used as directed.

    Item Number: 5129980

    Brand: Tetra

    Food Type: Dry

    Life Stage: All

    Nutritional Option: Algae Center, Vegetable-Enriched, High Fiber, Tetra Optimal Health Blend, Vitamins, Nutrients

    Health Consideration: Balanced Diet for Algae Eaters, Digestion

    Weight: 5.29 oz

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